Air conditioned vacation rentals in Tuscany

Air conditioned holiday accommodations in Tuscany

Air conditioning is not very common in holiday homes in Tuscany. The larger hotels in the cities are air conditioned but agriturismi, country vacation villas, rural rental apartments and Bed & Breakfast holiday accommodation usually do not have a/c, for a number of reasons. For one thing, electricity is extremely expensive in Italy so that it is usually not economical to air condition a large, high ceiling villa, for example. Architectural protection regulations prohibit window mounted units, leaving only the more expensive ducted options. But perhaps most importantly, Tuscany has been inhabited for a long time and strategies for dealing with hot weather have evolved so that air conditioning is often not really necessary. Houses and, indeed, entire villages and towns are very often located quite high up on hill tops where the air is cooler and summer breezes more common. Local people living in the valleys often migrate to the hills or to the seaside during August which is the only really hot month. The walls of farmhouses and villas are very thick, usually 45 cm, and are constructed of stone and rubble so that they act as giant heat sinks, keeping the house cool during the day and warm at night. Windows are normally opened at night to let cool air in, and both windows and shutters are closed during the day to keep the heat out. Holidaymakers should follow the same procedure, but remember to adjust your mosquito net properly because letting the night air also lets mosquitoes in! (Info regarding bugs and mosquitoes in Tuscany.)

If you are sensitive to heat and visiting Tuscany during late July, August and early September, rooms and apartments directly under the roof are best avoided, as are lodgings located in valleys where air circulation is poor - unfortunately, Florence is situated in exactly this kind of valley. Or, seek out those places that have air conditioning.

Here we list a few air conditioned vacation rentals in the Chianti Classico area of Tuscany:

Country Apartment and B&B Rooms - pool (near Greve)

Le Cetinelle is a beautiful Tuscan farmhouse situated high up in the Chianti hills surrounded by vineyards and forest. This B&B offers six double air-conditioned bedrooms with en suite bathroom and breakfast, plus an apartment for 5 (+1) guests. An ideal place to stay in Chianti during the hotter months of summer when cool breezes and a swimming pool are important. More about Le Cetinelle Agriturismo Bed and Breakfast accommodations.

Hotel Villa Le Barone

Luxury Country Hotel - restaurant, tennis and pool (near Panzano and Greve)

Villa Le Barone is a romantic luxury hotel situated among beautiful gardens in the hills above Panzano in Chianti. The villa dates from Renaissance times and formerly belonged to the della Robbia family of Florentine artists. Villa Le Barone offers 28 rooms, many of them air-conditioned individually decorated with antique furniture and attractive fabrics. There is a television lounge, terraces and guests' restaurant, as well as a swimming pool and tennis court. More about Hotel Villa Le Barone.

Corte di Valle Bed and Breakfast rooms, vacation apartments in Chianti, Tuscany, Italy

Country B&B - Rooms and Apartments - restaurant, pool (near Greve)

"Corte di Valle" villa Bed and Breakfast and apartments, is a winemaking estate located at Greti, a short drive from Greve in Chianti. It is also easily accessible by SITA bus from Florence and Greve. Unlike many B&Bs, most of the 13 double rooms are in the main villa and are hence spacious and cool. Nevertheless, air conditioning is available for those who want it. The large number of rooms plus a private restaurant make Corte di Valle ideal accommodation for wedding guests. More about Corte di Valle Bed and Breakfast rooms, vacation apartments in Chianti, Tuscany, Italy.

"Il Santo" Tuscan vacation rooms and apartment

Country Apartment and Rooms - air conditioning - pool (near Lamole and Greve)

Azienda Agricola Il Santo vineyard, run by the Turchi family, is situated in the Chianti Classico hills between Florence and Siena, 1 km away from Greve in Chianti. An agriturismo immersed in nature amongst vines and olive groves, it offers rooms with kitchenette and bathroom, and an apartment for 2 and 3 persons (kitchenette and bathroom). More about "Il Santo" Tuscan vacation rooms and apartment.

Owner-direct vacation rentals in Chianti

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